Schmitt Family Genealogy CLOSED

At the request of William Bratschun and Neal Bratschun I have closed down the Schmitt Family Genealogy web site.

This request stems from the belief that "Identity Thieves" use Internet Genealogy Web Sites to collect their data. As I cannot refute their claim, I am acceding to their demand to remove their family information. As there are a large number of others in this database who may be unaware that this information is on the Web, I am thereby closing the entire site.

I am also unlikely to do any further Genealogical research, as this puts a hamper on who I can trade my database with. As I should seek approval of anyone in the database before I pass this information out to others; this extremely limits what data I can use and with whom I can exchange it.

My sincere apologies to everyone involved for any inconvenience and damage I may have caused them.

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