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My PGP info.

I am now using Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG), available from the GPG Web Site. It is a fully OpenPGP compliant system. Specifically, I'm using the Mac OS X version available from Source Forge.

I am now using only my new GPG key, the others are depricated and will be revoked shortly.

PGP Name:
Henry C. Schmitt <Henry at>
2048/1024-bit Diffie-Hellman/DSS Key
PGP Key Id:
GPG Long Key Id:
PGP Key Fingerprint:
7139 CFAD 356F 678C F409 42C1 4693 924B 7817 B083
GPG Public Key

1024-bit RSA Key
PGP Key Id:
PGP Key Fingerprint:
D4 28 67 94 DA 0D 85 96 BF 0F 80 98 D9 F5 09 B8
PGP Public Key

1024/2048-bit Diffie-Hellman/DSS Key
PGP Key Id:
PGP Key Fingerprint:
326F 8409 F33C 02B2 CD5C A02C 3D75 E695 A0D3 6569
PGP Public Key

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