A little about me...

I look like this:


My Job

I'm an Internet Consultant for Cedar Services Consulting

Notary Public

I'm also a Commissioned Notary Public in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

My Home Page

Here's a link to my home page, if you got here from someplace else.

PGP Encryption Information

My PGP id and key are here. I use PGP on my home system, and am happy to receive encrypted mail there. If you'd like to help widen the Web of Trust, we can sign each other's keys. Just come to my office with two forms of Id.

Contact Info.

2863 Beechwood Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15217-3114
Voice & Fax: 1-412-421-8495
hschmitt at cedarservices.com
2863 Beechwood Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15217-3114
Voice: 1-412-421-8482
Henry at schmitt.org [MIME and PGP encryption welcome]