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My work: Internet Consultant at Cedar Services Consulting
My volunteer project: The Family Alliance
My family: Schmitt Family Home Page.

A view from above my house.
Note: This link is from Switzerland, and generates a large (320x320) graphic in real-time; so it's slow! Be patient, it's worth the wait.

I'm an alumnus of Pi Lambda Phi's Beta Zeta Chapter at CMU.

Dr. Seuss's Philosophy of the Internet

From there to here,
from here to there,
funny things
are everywhere


Pretty Pictures!
* CNAM (French) Astro GIFs
* World Flags
* Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures
* Rob's Multimedia Lab

Pittsburgh Weather
* From the Three River FreeNet
* From The Weather Underground

Interesting Servers
* InterNIC Directory and Database Services
* The Naturist Society
The Government
* The Whitehouse!
* The House of Representatives
* The US Senate
* The Library of Congress
* Front Door to NASA's WWW Servers
* Apple Support Information
* Electronic Frontier Foundation
* Electronic Privacy Information Center
* Association for Computing Machinery
* IEEE Computer Society
* Four11 Directory Services
* Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
* James Randi
* The Exploratorium
* The Why? files - Science behind the News
* Scientific American

* O'Reilly and Associates' Resource Center
* National Address Server
* The Internet Business Pages

* Kath Schmitt - My Wife
* Brian Byrnes
* Davie Creighton
* Joey Kennedy
* Terry Kennedy
* Robb Miles
* Patrick S. Rogan
* Eric Shulman
* Karen Walters
* Bob Zimmermann

* My Netscape Bookmarks
* Information about Sarcoidosis
* jagubox A/UX Info.
* Yanoff's Internet List
* List of USENET FAQs
* Serchable index of USENET FAQs
* UnixWorld Online
* American Universities
* The PGP Net.
* Pittsburgh Map Database from the Scandal Project
* A table of Pittsburgh Domains
* The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

If you'd like to see them, here's some pictures of my son Gregory.
Or how about some baby pictures of his little brother Jason.

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